Dare to Be Different


Awarded 2019 World's Best NA Beer 

Our Story

     Thank you for checking us out. We are a family run brewing company that places great value on our customers. We are a husband and wife team, ( Tammer and Donna - nice to meet you) with three kids and a passion for craft beer. 


As NA drinkers we had accepted that we wouldn’t be enjoying the mosaic of beer styles available to others. However, after a major life change - a diagnosis and successful treatment for breast cancer, we wanted to celebrate with a non-alcoholic beer. We were wildly disappointed by what was on the market and, to be honest, we felt excluded. Suddenly it wasn’t something we wanted to accept anymore. We guessed that others felt the same way and so, with them in mind, we started homebrewing a recipe for a non-alcoholic craft beer. Something different. Something we wanted to enjoy and would be proud to celebrate with, drink with our friends, and take along on hikes. It took a while, but after 9 long months our flagship Chandelier Red IPA was born and launched in June of 2018. 


Our Mission

We Dare to Be Different by brewing bold, delicious,

health forward beverages for everyone and every occasion.



Frequently asked question #1: How do you make non-alcoholic beer?

     We use all-natural ingredients, non-GMO grains, and a wholesome brewing process that allows the yeast to create marvelous esters and phenols, minerals, B vitamins, flavors and aromas. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Beer is freshest when it is kept cool so we never heat our finished product.


Frequently asked question #2: What’s the point of making beer without alcohol? 


     Two quick answers 1) Imagine being able to have a beer whenever you want. 2) You just have to taste it. 


C’mon, Dare to Be Different TM


Even when you have miles to go before you sleep.

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Dare to Be Different

1/3 the Calories

of other NAs

Zero Sugar

Starting at 2.8g Carbs

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Winners of the 2019 World Beer Awards International Gold Medal for Best Low-Alcohol Pale Beer, Gold Medal for U.S. Best Low Alcohol Pale Beer, U.S. Gold Medal for Best NA Dark Beer, Bronze Medal for Best International Non-Alcoholic Beer, U.S. Open Beer Championship & 2018 Gold Medal for Best Non-Alcoholic Flavored Beer in U.S. 

Health Forward and brewed to be a fraction of the calories of other NAs with no added sugar. (Lab tested.)

  • Electrolytes

  • Antioxidants

  • Anti-inflammatories

  • Polyphenols





Red IPA & Kolsch




Juicy Mavs Hazy IPA Nutritional Panel.pn
Red IPA Nutritional .png
Kolsch Nutritional Label.png

17 Mile Porter

Porter Nutritional Label.png

Fermented from grains containing gluten and crafted to remove gluten. Analyzed using the R5- Gliadin ELISA assay. Our gluten reduced brews are under 20 parts per million gluten. The actual gluten content of this product cannot be verified, and this product may contain gluten.

In the News



   "Ok now that is tripping me out. This smells and tastes just like a double IPA. And it's non-alcoholic. Now that is how you do an NA beer!" - Larry E.

"By far the absolute best NA beer I’ve ever had, nothing comes close!"  - Ted T.

     "Wow! This is really smooth, almost creamy, and has a lot fuller flavor than other beers I've tried. I wouldn't have guessed that it's non-alcoholic."  Maha A. from California

     "This is the best non-alcoholic beer out there! There is nothing like it around. Craft all the way! A true IPA. It's hop forward with a nice caramel malt finish." - Thang Q. from Michigan

     Chandelier Red IPA is "a unique, unexpected experience" and "a flavorful epicurean elixir."  - Duncan Cook from the Campbell Express

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While there are no returns on beverages and food products, if you receive a damaged product, please email orders@surrealbrewing.com and we will work with you to resolve it.

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